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Importance of the Ovulation Period

In order to start a family, everything triggers and follows each other. Love, marriage, togetherness, pregnancy and becoming a family. In order to become an ‘actual family’, the expected thing is:
A natural pregnancy.

Small factors can prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, one out of seven wives cannot become pregnant. In recent studies, not having a children originates from several basic problems besides sexual health. Most significantly, one is unable to detect the ovulation period of the woman, which is the most fertile period for her, and abnormalities in vaginal pH levels that is not suitable for sperms and fertilization, eventually.

As Prefertil TURKEY, we are together with you in every step, with our high quality Pregnancy Gel, Ovulation Test, Infertility Test for Men & Women and Ultra-Early Pregnancy test, for a natural pregnancy.

In the middle phase of the menstrual cycle, an egg cell is released from the ovary and this egg cell goes all the way along the Fallopian Tube, which is known as ovulation. In most of the women, there are approximately 12 to 16 days between the ovulation and the next period of ovulation. Women who have a 28 days of regular ovulation period, ovulates in the 14th day. If your period is longer than this, 35  days for instance, you are fertile between 19th and 25th days, most probably. If you have a period shorter than 23 days, it is between 7th and 13th days.

There becomes a sudden increase in the luteinizing hormones (LH) until an egg cell becomes fully maturated and finished its way down to the Fallopian Tubes. In optimum conditions, ovulation occurs after 24 to 36 hours of LH peak. An egg cell can survive for 24 hours after ovulation. In this period of time, sperm should have fertilized the egg cell so that one can become pregnant. Actually, you do not have to have sex in the ‘ovulation day’, since sperm cells can survive in Fallopian Tubes for 3 to 5 days and they can still fertilize the egg cell once it is released from the ovary.

What this means is, the probability of you to become pregnant is higher when you have sex in pre-ovulation days and the day ovulation occurs. In order to detect these most precious period, you can use our Prefertil ovulation tests safely without any doubt.

The Importance of Vaginal pH for 
Natural Pregnancy and Sperm Cells

In the menstrual cycle, the pH value in the vagina changes and an acidic liquid is secreted. In the most of the ovulation periods, this pH value is between 4 and 4.5 which is an acidic environment. This low level of pH protects the vaginal region from infections, however, it is an unfavorable environment for sperm cells.

In this phase of ovulation period, the most favorable pH value of the sperm cells should be between 7 and 7.5. When this critical condition is satisfied, sperm cells may begin their journey to the egg cell and the fertilization can occur naturally at its best.

If the vaginal pH is not suitable for sperm cells in the ovulating days, the journey to the egg cell may not begin. In this situation, sperms cannot go further to inside and fertilize the egg.

Furthermore, if there are problems such as inadequate number of sperms or structural and motility problems, the chance of pregnancy decreases even more. When such problems are added, couples become stressed and they tend to have sex as an obligation in these valuable days, which gives rise to vaginal aridity.

In these kind of times, couples use vaginal oils, moisturizers etc. for a more comfortable sex. However, sperms get damaged due to the acidic pH values of these gels and moisturizers produced for this purpose. For this reason, you can safely use our Pregnancy Test for couples who want to have a child, which does not harm sperm cells and female reproductive system. What’s more, it balances the pH level out and supports the system with antioxidants.


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